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Children’s fillings

Children’s fillings

Diseases affect not only permanent teeth, but also milk ones. In preschool children, caries often affects the first teeth – in severe cases, this leads to loss of milk and crowding of permanent ones. Taking care of the health of the child’s jaw system will help to avoid unpleasant consequences – the curvature of the position of the teeth, malocclusion, pulpitis, periodontitis and poor digestion. Parents should remember that the problem will not disappear with the loss of primary teeth, therefore it is better to treat children’s teeth on time. The installation of a children’s filling in Lukyanovka will help protect against such complications.

Safe filling

Treating milk teeth of a child is more difficult than filling a tooth of an adult. Children’s fear of the dentist’s chair is a common problem that prevents a timely visit to the doctor. Modern dentists successfully find an approach to the child, creating a comfortable atmosphere and relieving fear. The use of anesthesia helps to eliminate the fear of pain in the process of introducing a children’s filling. An experienced dentist knows how to win over a child and perform anesthesia in a playful way so that the young patient does not notice anything. Knowledge of child psychology helps doctors conduct an examination, calm the child, distract him from the terrible dental instruments and convince the patient of the painlessness of the procedure. Qualified dentists install children’s fillings in Kyiv accurately and in a short time, avoiding children’s fatigue and whims.

Colored fillings

To fill milk teeth, the dentist selects a special material that dissolves over time.The choice depends on the child age and the severity of the disease. Dentistry has abandoned cement fillings, leaving this material in the past. Currently, glass ionomer is used to treat the roots of the original teeth, as well as reflective and specially designed children’s colored fillings.

Children’s fillings are in different colors:

  • golden
  • purple
  • yellow
  • red
  • blue
  • green
  • silver and others

Colored fillings in pediatric dentistry are an invention designed to make visiting a doctor easier and make the treatment process comfortable. The ability to choose the shade of a filling that you like distracts the child, allowing him to forget about the fear of the dentist. Taking part in the game and choosing the color of the filling, the child relaxes, and the dentist carefully performs the required manipulations for dental treatment. The material of colored fillings is durable, thanks to which the milk teeth are preserved until the appearance of permanent ones.

Colored fillings have many advantages:

  • reasonable price for children’s fillings
  • plasticity of the material
  • photopolymers that improve the condition of teeth
  • the ability to track the condition of the fill by parents
  • accumulation of fluoride to protect against caries
  • fast installation technology

Are you planning to visit a pediatric dentist? The price for installing a children’s filling in Kyiv will please the parents of young patients. Qualified dentists have extensive experience working with children, so dental treatment at Slavia clinic is easy and without fear.

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