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Professional teeth cleaning from 950 UAH Book

Teeth cleaning with ultrasound at Lukyanovka in Kyiv

Teeth cleaning – healthy teeth and a snow-white smile

Maintaining the health of teeth and oral cavity depends on several factors – careful hygiene, the use of a tandem toothbrush / floss for cleaning, heredity. Removal of tartar is a necessary procedure, one of the effective, convenient and painless methods is brushing your teeth with ultrasound. The cost is democratic and depends on the treatment area, if necessary, painkillers are selected. Why Dentists Recommend Ultrasonic Cleaning:

  • Maintaining a healthy microflora of the oral cavity;

  • Prevention of gum disease, caries;

  • Aesthetics, restoration of the natural color of teeth;

  • Preparation for prosthetics, installation of implants, braces.

Cleaning stones on the teeth with ultrasound is recommended by dentists before treating various dental diseases. Plaque and tartar can become an obstacle to a quality fit of the filling to the tooth, periodontitis and gingivitis cannot be cured without professional and complete cleaning of the dentogingival pocket from tartar.

What is an ultrasonic cleaning procedure

The technology of cleaning teeth with ultrasound consists of several stages.What awaits the patient in a comfortable dental chair:

  • With increased sensitivity of the teeth, local anesthetics are selected;

  • A labial soft retractor is installed so that the patient feels comfortable during the procedure;

  • The dentist cleans the teeth by installing various nozzles on the scaler depending on the working area;

  • Water is supplied into the oral cavity, which is removed by a saliva ejector along with saliva and particles of removed tartar;

  • Polishing – after cleaning, the dentist polishes the surface of the teeth with certified pastes to make the enamel smooth and shiny.

Offering ultrasonic cleaning Lukyanovka, the dental clinic includes additional services in the process, if recommended by the doctor. To strengthen the enamel, a fluoridation procedure is performed – covering the teeth with fluoride-containing agents.

Ultrasound teeth cleaning – price and contraindications

An affordable and hygienic procedure for brushing teeth is recommended by dentists every six months. If the patient has a high sensitivity of tooth enamel, doctors advise limiting themselves to one procedure per year. Ultrasound teeth cleaning during pregnancy is recommended in the second trimester, the patient should consult with her obstetrician-gynecologist before the procedure.


  • Inflammatory, purulent processes in the oral cavity;

  • Erosion of tooth enamel and hypersensitivity;

  • Diabetes mellitus in severe form;

  • Epilepsy, the presence of a pacemaker, heart disease;

  • Infectious and cold diseases.

Teeth cleaning with ultrasound at Lukyanovka in Kyiv with us is a Slavia clinic with a high reputation, competent professionals and modern equipment.

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